• “When we do our group looping, I always look forward to working with John Gidcomb. His casting skills, easy personality and impeccable taste add so much to every film he works on. For me, he’s at the top of the list; a real pro.”
    -Jeffrey Ford – Editor, THE AVENGERS
  • “I have used Johnny’s Loop de Loop for over ten years and have been impressed on each film. The level of talent and attention to detail is second to none. When I have to find the best loop group, I always call Johnny. Wherever the actors need to be from, be it any country in Europe or Asia, Johnny continually finds the best actors with the best dialects. Their performances fit easily into any scene and are the perfect finishing touch. Johnny’s attention to detail is truly excellent.”
    -Gloria Borders – Executive Producer and Academy Award Winning Sound Editor
  • “I make one call when I need Group or Sound alikes and that is to Loop De Loop. Johnny Gidcomb is the best I’ve worked with and he’s saved me more times than I can count. Whether it be last minute needs for sound alikes or putting together groups for very specific jobs (accents, foreign languages, technical knowledge, young, or distinguished voices), Johnny has never done less than over-deliver. I would recommend him to anyone in the industry for the quality of his work. Additionally, Post Supervisors and Executives will really appreciate his attention to detail in delivery paperwork. I am more than happy to answer any questions and share my experiences with the best group in the business.”
    -Dean Cochran – Director of Post Production, New Regency Productions
  • “To Everyone in Post Production:

    I would like to whole-heartedly recommend Johnny Gidcomb and his loop group for any and all post production ADR work. He has great actors and he is terrific with them. Whether you need Group Wallah, temp voices, sound-a-likes, improvised lines, technical jargon, Johnny is excellent. He is very cooperative and collaborative, and can tailor his group to meet the specific needs of your film. I value all the films that he has done for 20th Century Fox, and he is always our first call. And he is great to get you out of trouble.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or call me at my office at 310 369-1624.”
    -Ted Gagliano – President, 20th Century Fox Feature Post Production

  • “I’ve known Johnny for 13 years and have worked with his company, Loop De Loop on many films. Johnny is a true professional, a joy to work with and the talented actors he puts together are always perfectly suited to the project. I’ve had a number of re-recording mixers comment on how great the loop group sounds. As a Supervising Sound Editor I’ve rarely if ever heard that type of comment from a mixer! I’ve happily recommended Johnny to colleagues and their experiences have been terrific as well.”
    -Andrew DeCristofaro – Supervising Sound Editor
  • “The loop group rocked. Considering the budget constraints, you did an amazing job. We are temping today and have already included your work into the mix. I appreciate your commitment to the project, and everyone involved thanks you.I plan on working with you again soon, please keep in touch!”
    -Mike Wilhoit – Supervising Sound Editor, END OF WATCH
  • “I recently had the opportunity to work with Johnny on 21 AND OVER. Under difficult circumstances, he rose to the occasion and delivered above and beyond my expectations. His group came in fully prepared and ready to go. I look forward to working with him again in the future. If you have a chance to work with Johnny, he will not let you down.”
    -Mandell Winter – Supervising Sound Editor, 21 AND OVER
  • “I have used Johnny Gidcomb’s Loop de Loop on feature films for many years and I have always been happy with what they bring to the party. And it is a bit like a party working with Loop de Loop – the talent is excellent and always well prepared, Johnny keeps it moving so we get a lot done, he understands what I need to bring a scene to life, he has the resources to cast even the most obscure voice roles, and he’s fun to work with.”
    -Milly Iatrou – ADR Supervisor

Jon Landau
Academy Award Winning Producer at Lightstorm Entertainment
(310) 656-6166